Wednesday, July 22, 2009



Seriously, I almost died when I left. SERIOUSLY. I could broken my neck for anyone who cares :/ Stupid. Gosh. And someone got arrested while I was there, nice, eh? 

OH. And I didn't get to see Forever the Sickest Kids, my second favorite band since... ever. They played at 7:30 and GOSH. I'm mad. UGH. I probably will never go to one of these shows again. SERIOUSLY. That was effing scaryyy. The only good part was: SCORE 24 :), Got to see All Time Low!, andd I got to meet Sing it Loud.

Sing it Loud was so sweet :) They signed my Warped Tour Book thinggyy. Pat wrote: Emma you are wonderful. I was like freakkinngg ouuutt. hahah. He's wonderful :) That was one of the two good things that actually happened today. That and seeing All Time Low. 

STUPID WARPED TOUR. :/ I loved it yet it was horrible. STUPID FTSK (though you are soo not stupid and I love you with all my heart lmao) FOR PLAYING SO LATE. grrrrrrrrr :/ 

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