Thursday, July 9, 2009

Underdog Alma Mater Deluxe Edition

Everyone must get this freaking amazing CD. Support FTSK to become the next big band, babyy :) They deserve it, and this album is just simply amazing. I'm so glad they put Bundled Up on it cuz I heard that song forever ago and I wanted to download it but it wasn't on iTunes and I don't trust those sites people post on YouTube? 

We've gotta bundle up tomorrow
Cuz winter comes so hard
We've gotta bundle up tomorrow
There's only hours till it's here

Okayyy so maybe that's a total winter song, but I still love it. It's a good song to sing in the winter, though. With an acoustic guitar at hand, inside by a fire. What more do you need? OH. chocolate milk :) That's good stuff. Wooww I get off topic. Well just ask my friends...

A great site :)
You know those people who are what people consider "emo" and "depressed"? Do you know someone like that? Are you someone like that? Then go visit To Write Love On Her Arms. A great organization that raises awareness! Go buy a t-shirt. Make some fliers. Get people awaarreee. A ton of people go through it, there's probably someone you know (or you) have/are going threw it. Help is out there. You're not alone.

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