Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Wow what can I say?
Forever the Sickest Kids is gonna be at Warped tour on July 22, and I'm stoked<3 I especially can't wait to meet them. Caleb Turman will make my day... but I don't pick favorites :) I've decided to buy them random crap for presents seeing as they like silly gifts. Usually my random crap presents are silly and make people smile :) hahah.

OH. And another amazing band I'm waiting to meet, Sing it Loud. I just discovered them a few days ago, actually, but I've already fallen for them <3 They're an amazing band and I can't wait to meet THEM at Warped Tour. WOW. Two (and more) amazing bands...

Stereo Skyline
Just another band to add to my list of favorite bands. I discovered them a little bit after I found Sing it Loud. They're on tour with Hey Monday (another amazing band) right now I thinkk. Sucks they won't be at Warped, too. That would just be amazing. Everyone needs to listen to there music though. It's amazing. Not to mention they all have really nice hair :)

I gotta say... summer's amazing
Living life with no regrets
Beside people I love
Making the most
Loving it

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