Thursday, July 9, 2009


OKAY. that was the freaking scariest moment of my life. I'm here right now with my BFF, Brittany. We walked over to the local shopping center, getting something to eat and looking at clothes and music stuff :) Welllll
While we were walking there, these random freak guys screamed at us as they drove and we were just laughing cuz we thought it was funny. Then when we went into a music and arts store, and I was playing piano and they shouted at us from their car, and Brittany waved hi, not thinking. hahah.
Then we were in Tj Maxx and we just were walking around and looking there. We were about to walk out when I heard people saying, "Is that them? Is that those girls?" etc. We freaking ran to Rita's Ice Cream and ate some Oreo ice cream, freaking out. So we saw them walk out of Tj Maxx and then yeah. We waited for about fifteen minutes, thinking that they were gone.
So we walked out and we freaked out cuz we saw their car. It was a total beat up light blue jeep. We started running across the parking lot, and they got in their car and followed us. They shouted at us as we walked away. I was so freaking scared I almost cussed, and, no, I don't cuss normally. I know. I was so scared.
We're back at Brittany's house, still hyperventilating. We're trying to breathe normally, but it's not really working. Blogging helps :)
Anyways, hope no one else has to go through this. It was freaking scary...

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