Wednesday, July 22, 2009



Seriously, I almost died when I left. SERIOUSLY. I could broken my neck for anyone who cares :/ Stupid. Gosh. And someone got arrested while I was there, nice, eh? 

OH. And I didn't get to see Forever the Sickest Kids, my second favorite band since... ever. They played at 7:30 and GOSH. I'm mad. UGH. I probably will never go to one of these shows again. SERIOUSLY. That was effing scaryyy. The only good part was: SCORE 24 :), Got to see All Time Low!, andd I got to meet Sing it Loud.

Sing it Loud was so sweet :) They signed my Warped Tour Book thinggyy. Pat wrote: Emma you are wonderful. I was like freakkinngg ouuutt. hahah. He's wonderful :) That was one of the two good things that actually happened today. That and seeing All Time Low. 

STUPID WARPED TOUR. :/ I loved it yet it was horrible. STUPID FTSK (though you are soo not stupid and I love you with all my heart lmao) FOR PLAYING SO LATE. grrrrrrrrr :/ 

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Harry Potter :D

The new Harry Potter movie comes out in less than three days :) Dang. I'm supah!STOKED. Half-Blood Prince, here I come :D I'm readdyy. Well, halfway there. Hahah. I'm rereading the whole series. I'm  halfway done with HBP and it's only been... well this is my ninth day. I'm beating my record of eighteen days :) hahahhh. I know. I'm such a nerd when it comes to crap like this. THAT'S WHY PEOPLE LOVE ME. 

But anyways. Yeah. So I've been looking at all this Harry Potter Merchandise. I mean, I need new useless stuff, right?! Well yeah I do! So I've been looking it all up and it's making me mad cuz all of it surrounds Slytherin or Gryffindor. I mean seriously. What about Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw? They are just as important >.<> 

Oh today I totally went all Harry Potter nerd :) So i was about to do my hair and I had a hair tie. Simple enough, right? Well I dropped the hair tie when I was trying to... well... tie my hair into a ponytail. Yeah so I dropped it and i was like, "OI!" Then I said to myself, "Did I really just say that?" DANG. I'm weird. 

YEAH. ANYWAYS. I'm stokked for the HP:HBP movie. I need a new shirt before I go and see it. MALL ANYONE? hahah. :) Don't you totally see how I made this Harry Potter related with the font colors? I know, I'm so cool. hahahahah. Don't comment on that. :D 

Thursday, July 9, 2009


OKAY. that was the freaking scariest moment of my life. I'm here right now with my BFF, Brittany. We walked over to the local shopping center, getting something to eat and looking at clothes and music stuff :) Welllll
While we were walking there, these random freak guys screamed at us as they drove and we were just laughing cuz we thought it was funny. Then when we went into a music and arts store, and I was playing piano and they shouted at us from their car, and Brittany waved hi, not thinking. hahah.
Then we were in Tj Maxx and we just were walking around and looking there. We were about to walk out when I heard people saying, "Is that them? Is that those girls?" etc. We freaking ran to Rita's Ice Cream and ate some Oreo ice cream, freaking out. So we saw them walk out of Tj Maxx and then yeah. We waited for about fifteen minutes, thinking that they were gone.
So we walked out and we freaked out cuz we saw their car. It was a total beat up light blue jeep. We started running across the parking lot, and they got in their car and followed us. They shouted at us as we walked away. I was so freaking scared I almost cussed, and, no, I don't cuss normally. I know. I was so scared.
We're back at Brittany's house, still hyperventilating. We're trying to breathe normally, but it's not really working. Blogging helps :)
Anyways, hope no one else has to go through this. It was freaking scary...

Underdog Alma Mater Deluxe Edition

Everyone must get this freaking amazing CD. Support FTSK to become the next big band, babyy :) They deserve it, and this album is just simply amazing. I'm so glad they put Bundled Up on it cuz I heard that song forever ago and I wanted to download it but it wasn't on iTunes and I don't trust those sites people post on YouTube? 

We've gotta bundle up tomorrow
Cuz winter comes so hard
We've gotta bundle up tomorrow
There's only hours till it's here

Okayyy so maybe that's a total winter song, but I still love it. It's a good song to sing in the winter, though. With an acoustic guitar at hand, inside by a fire. What more do you need? OH. chocolate milk :) That's good stuff. Wooww I get off topic. Well just ask my friends...

A great site :)
You know those people who are what people consider "emo" and "depressed"? Do you know someone like that? Are you someone like that? Then go visit To Write Love On Her Arms. A great organization that raises awareness! Go buy a t-shirt. Make some fliers. Get people awaarreee. A ton of people go through it, there's probably someone you know (or you) have/are going threw it. Help is out there. You're not alone.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Wow what can I say?
Forever the Sickest Kids is gonna be at Warped tour on July 22, and I'm stoked<3 I especially can't wait to meet them. Caleb Turman will make my day... but I don't pick favorites :) I've decided to buy them random crap for presents seeing as they like silly gifts. Usually my random crap presents are silly and make people smile :) hahah.

OH. And another amazing band I'm waiting to meet, Sing it Loud. I just discovered them a few days ago, actually, but I've already fallen for them <3 They're an amazing band and I can't wait to meet THEM at Warped Tour. WOW. Two (and more) amazing bands...

Stereo Skyline
Just another band to add to my list of favorite bands. I discovered them a little bit after I found Sing it Loud. They're on tour with Hey Monday (another amazing band) right now I thinkk. Sucks they won't be at Warped, too. That would just be amazing. Everyone needs to listen to there music though. It's amazing. Not to mention they all have really nice hair :)

I gotta say... summer's amazing
Living life with no regrets
Beside people I love
Making the most
Loving it